Letter to Poe

Dear Edgar Allen Poe,

I am a huge admirer of your writings. You have captured me with your topics and your view on life. Although some may say it is too dark for people, I find it very intriguing. Most things today are written to make you feel good, but you are opposite of that. You see the truth and just present it from the other side of the spectrum. I have noticed that the afterlife was a common subject within your later works. As a Christian, I know that the afterlife is something not to be concerned with. When you trust in the Lord as your savior, you know that you are going to live eternal life in Heaven. You do not have to spend the rest of your life in hell.

From your writings, I also found that your interpretation of women was interesting. Seeing them as angelic figures is not too far off from what God created them as. He created them to be loved and taken care of by a man. I know that you sought to do this with the important women in your life. This is a wonderful things. Later in your life, however, you began to see women a different way. You turned to them to try and fill the hole left by Virginia. You weren’t searching for the next women that God had for you, if there was fit to be one, but you rather were searching for just pleasure.

I offer my deepest condolences for your mother, step-mother, and wife. I know how hard it must have been to lose them all to the same terrible disease. I hope that they were all believers and have had the pleasure of joining Jesus in Heaven. I know that after their deaths, especially your wife’s, you turned to drinking. This only offers a temporary fix to the sorrow you may be feeling. If they were believers, you should take comfort in the fact that they are in a better place and that one day you too can join with them again. Jesus offers you refuge in your sorrow so you do not need to be turning to drinking and gambling.

I know that your life has brought many hardships, from death to unsuccessfulness, but I would like to remind you once more that this things are only temporary. There is a Heaven where there will no longer be pain or suffering, but rather eternal joy. You can go to this place if you simply turn away from the things of this world and turn to God who is offering you a ticket into the kingdom of Heaven. I would like to highly encourage you to accept this offer. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to me. I would love to spend more time telling you about the wonderful riches of heaven.


Archibald Whitman


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