Letter to Dickinson


Dear Emily Dickinson,

I know that not many of your writings have been published, but I believe that you should publish many more of your writings. The ones that have been published have been an inspiration to me and I’m sure many other people. Imagine how many more people you could reach if you released more of your poems. I know that this world can be a scary place, but this could help many people to see that and do something about it.

Christians are called to be different and to be lights for God. If we sit at home all day and never go out, we can’t be a light. I’d encourage you to begin to step out of your comfort zone. With how good of a writer you are, you can do this by just publishing a few more poems. You really wouldn’t even have to leave your house. As your poems begin to build more and more fame, it may be a good idea to start leaving your house to show your boldness and bravery even more. All this can help set a fire in many people’s hearts who might have the same feelings about life as you.

You may feel like you are alone in this, but I can almost guarantee you that you are not. It just takes a little step of faith to see that you aren’t alone. This is another thing that Christians are called to do by God. Although the situation may look bleak, we have God on our side and we should feel confident taking that step. Maybe once that step is made, you can begin to make friends with people who have much in common with you. You can make a positive impact in their life and they might even be able to make a positive impact in your life as well. Remember, God has your back and won’t have you do this just to fail.


Archibald Whitman


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